Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring is a free resource dedicated to supporting students and faculty alike. We help students to progress academically and meet their educational goals in a number of academic areas. We endeavor to nurture students, alleviate academic stress, and act as advocates on their behalf. Our tutors are the teachers, doctors, engineers, and other professionals of the future. Effective communicators and strong students themselves, WWU tutors have a genuine desire to help their peers!

Peer Tutoring for Winter 2024

Tutoring hours* will be Sunday, 7-9 PM, and Monday-Thursday, 3-9 PM.

*Not all subjects are offered at all times! View the Tutoring Schedule for more information.



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Please refer to the FAQ section below for some helpful information and tips!

Peer Tutoring FAQ

Appointments are required for Writing, and are optional for code reviews.

To schedule an appointment, click the subject button above, then use the sign-up link. You and the tutor will each receive an email confirmation of the booking. You can use that confirmation email to modify or cancel the appointment, if needed.

All appointments will take place at the Student Development Center, unless otherwise arranged.

For further assistance, please call our office at 509-527-2313 or send an email to

When you arrive at the Student Development Center, you will be asked to check in for tutoring services using your WWU ID number. You will be asked to select the service (Peer Tutoring) and the class you're coming to tutoring for.

The SDC collect statistics on all tutoring sessions for a variety of reasons:

  1. Funding: The SDC relies on funding from WWU Academic Administration, in order to continue providing tutoring services at no additional cost to current students. To receive this funding, the SDC must demonstrate a continuing demand for tutoring. By gathering statistics on the number of students availing themselves of tutoring, we can continue to prove our value to the University.
  2. Staffing: The SDC staffs tutors based on student demand, demonstrated by the statistics we gather. The statistics help in determining how many tutors are staffed for each subject, and which classes in particular need strong tutoring support.
  3. Faculty support: Many staff require their students to visit the SDC as part of their class requirements. By taking statistics on who is coming to tutoring, we can verify student attendance. Faculty also receive weekly reports of the students that received tutoring for their classes, which is helpful for fostering student academic success.

The statistical information that your tutor gathers is shared with faculty, as it always has been, but no one else has access to the information.

The SDC guarantees support for all lower-division classes in Business, Computer Science, Languages, Math, Science, and Writing*. Tutoring for upper-division classes is sometimes available, based on staffing, and so is not guaranteed. If you require assistance for a specific class that you do not see listed, please contact the Student Development Center office, and we will do our best to connect you with a tutor.

*Our writing staff can help in proofreading papers from any class at any level. They are trained to assist students with the mechanics of writing; the subject of the material is generally not a barrier.

We do our best to arrange tutor schedules for maximum accessibility by students. However, we fully understand that some students have really complicated schedules!

If you are unable to find a tutor that has times conducive to your schedule, please reach out to the Peer Tutoring Coordinator.

If you would like to have scheduled, one-on-one meetings with a tutor, ask the Student Development Center for more information about Private Tutoring.

The cost for Private Tutoring is $18 per hour and can be charged to your student account. Payment is due in advance, and any remaining balance will be refunded at the end of the term.

Private Tutoring requests are handled anonymously, until a successful match has been made between the tutor and tutee. Matches are not guaranteed, but all reasonable efforts will be made.

In some situations, yes!

To request an online meeting with a tutor, please contact the Student Development Center.

Online tutoring sessions are as private and confidential as in-person sessions would be in the SDC, perhaps even more so, since you’re meeting one-on-one in a private chat or video conference.

For quality control purposes, from time to time your tutoring session may be recorded. Those recordings will never be shared with anyone outside of the SDC, except in cases of suspected illegal activity or abuse.

We hire tutors in spring and summer, for the upcoming academic year.

To view the minimum qualifications and the application to become a peer tutor, please visit the Join Our Team page.

If you have any other questions or concerns, which have not been addressed in this FAQ, please contact the Student Development Center.

Peer Tutoring Support

Phone: (509) 527-2313


Faculty may request tutoring attendance reports for students in their classes at any point in the quarter by emailing Reports can be emailed as PDF, Word, or CSV files. Danielle can also set up recurring weekly reports to be emailed from Accudemia.